Alana Thackray
PhD in Virology
Immunological endpoints
Paul Tonks
Facility and Lab manager
Preclinical vaccine studies
Rebecca Kinsley
Project manager
PhD in Viral immunology
Osama Eisa
Doctor of Medicine
Infectious diseases
Clinical immunologist

Vitalina Kirgizova
Molecular biologist
With Immunogenetics, Bioinformatics and Biotech management expertise
Jon Lyall
PhD in Virology
Expert in Influenza and Lentivector display
Chinedu Ugwu
PhD candidate
Lassa Fever model
Giacomo Gorini
PhD candidate in Vaccine Immunology
Board Of Directors
Prof Jonathan Heeney
Chairman of Board
Sir Peter Lachmann
Chairman of Scientific Board
  • Emeritus Sheila Joan Smith Professor of Immunology U of Cambridge
  • Founder President of the UK Academy of Medical Sciences (1998-2002)
  • Biological secretary of the Royal Society (1993-98)
  • President of the Royal College of Pathologists (1990-93)
  • Served on UNESCO's international bioethics committee from (1993-98)
William Swords
Financial Director
  • Experienced senior business leader with over 30 years of banking and finance in London and Dublin
  • Approved by both the United Kingdom and Irish Financial Regulatory Authorities as a statutory Director of regulated wholesale banks in the United Kingdom and Ireland
  • Chair of a mid- sized Defined Benefit pension scheme
  • President of the Canada - UK Chamber of Commerce, Honorary Treasurer of the Canada- UK Foundation and Fellow of the Institute of Directors
Dr Phil Kaziewicz
  • Founding partner of GI Partners LP in 2001, a transatlantic private equity manager
  • Executive in Nomura's Principal Finance Group from 1995-2001
  • Involved in 6 billion GBP of transactions, of which half was inward investment to the UK
  • Previous council member of PPARC and STFC
  • Chairman of STFC Innovation Ltd
  • Member of STFC's Innovation Advisory Board
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