W.H.O., 16 Feb, 2018
Annual WHO Report reveals top 10 pathogens that pose greatest risk to public health in 2018
Three of these are in our list: Ebola, Marburg virus and Lassa fever.
The New York Times, 16 Feb, 2018
Lassa Fever Erupts in Nigeria
BBC, 21 Jan, 2018
Brazil declares yellow fever emergency in Minas Gerais
Brazil's yellow fever emergency, mass vaccination response in progress.
ResearchGate, 4 Sep, 2017
Vaccines in developing countries have saved 20 million lives & US$350 billion since 2001
And that's just direct costs. The estimated overall economic impact of vaccines is $820 billion.
vaccinedevelopment.org.uk, 10 Aug, 2017
Interactive Vaccine development process map
Find out more about the steps & bottlenecks in vaccine development using.